The Ore Mountains Experience

The municipality of Tannenberg with the Sauwald area is located in the Upper Ore Mountains near Adam Ries town of Annaberg-Buchholz. Framed in beautiful forest and meadow areas, Tannenberg is considered a typical forest village.
The geographical center of the Ore Mountains is on the Tannenberg corridor. There is no more central and at the same time quiet place to explore the Ore Mountains.

Attractions in Tannenberg

  • Historic sights : Passklausenturm
  • St. Christoph´s Church
  • Technological boiler house monument

Tourist Destination

  • St. Anne´s Church in Annaberg-Buchholz : Largest late Gothic hall church in Saxony.
  • The Ore Mountains Museum : The collection contains historic artifacts and documents from the history of the city of Annaberg-Bucholz and the Upper Ore Mountains.
  • Manufacture of Dreams
  • Adam Ries Museum
  • Frohnauer Hammer
  • Markus-Röhling Stoll
  • Dorotheastolln : Interactive mine in the Cunersdorf district with boat ride in the “Stolln”.
  • Greifenbachstauweiher : lies between Geyer and Ehrenfriedersdorf in the Ore Mountains and was supported for mining.
  • Swimming pool and SPA : Erlebnisbad Greifensteine Thermalbad Wiesenbad

Day trip

  • Dresden
  • Bergstädte Freiberg and Schneeberg
  • Czech Republic : Karlsbad or Prag

Cultural Highlights

  • Eduard von Winterstein Theater, a distinguished temple of muses, is especially significant for the city’s culture.
  • Naturbühne Greifensteine is a picturesque rock stage in the middle of the charming landscape of the Greifenstein area in the Ore Mountains.

Medical institutions

  • Erzgebirge Hospital Annaberg-Buchholz, approx. 4 km away

Hiking, Biking…

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