Fallow deer / aurochs

Green landscapes, colorful flower and orchards, healthy animals in the pastures, fish-rich ponds, that makes your vacation a pleasure. For our typical Erzgebirge dishes, we use products from producers that we know and appreciate. A special feature of this pursuit is the in-house fallow deer enclosure and the family-owned auroch farm.

First and foremost, of course, is just a great walk. After a successful meal or during your stay to walk to our fallow deer enclosure directly behind the house. Here nature shows how we appreciate you. It offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Zschopautal Valley towards Tannenberg and Schönfeld and the tranquil herd always provides a reason to smile.

Our auroch breeding started in 2008, looking for a farm animal that can live outdoors all year round, takes care of the landscape and ideally feels comfortable in an ecological agriculture. After careful consideration, the choice fell on the rear cattle or aurochs, an image breeding of our former European large cattle. The herd, which now has more than 30 animals, feels extremely comfortable on the Erzgebirge ridge. The result is a unique meat quality, which is only intended for our Waldgasthof & Hotel “Am Sauwald” as part of season tickets.

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