Familyevents & Celebrations

For your family celebrations, we recommend you to let yours hands on us, as a family-owned house.

We have already been able to highlight our qualities as an event partner at numerous festivities. You too can benefit from our wealth of experience in planning birthdays, weddings, wedding anniversaries, engagement parties, family reunions and other occasions.

An extract from our suggestion

With a drink in one hand and a small appetizer in the other, the transition from everyday to relaxed celebration is the bester.

For a sparkling start

  • Bishop Benno Sparkling Wine Edition “Am Sauwald”
  • Elderberry Sparkling wine
  • Sauwald- Kir
    (Spruce needle syrup, Bishop Benno sparkling wine edition “Am Sauwald”)
  • Bromhilde (sparkling wine with blackberry)

Our Sauwald gourmet snacks

  • Covered baguette slices (with ham, cheese, auroch salami, cream cheese, smoked fish and much more)
  • Small wild boar balls on cranberry compote
  • Erzgebirge pusher on onion compote
  • Cold cucumber soup
  • Vegetable sticks with dip


Grandmother’s menu (main course served on big platters)
  • clear broth with strips of vegetables and herb pancakes
  • Hearty peppered roast beef from the wrong fillet in red wine sauce
  • braised pork loin
  • Salted beef tongue swirled in good butter
  • Seasonal vegetables
  • Cream mushrooms, red cabbage
  • Homemade green dumplings
  • Duchess potatoes / croquettes
  • Creamy vanilla ice cream on apple crumple

“Arzgebirg how are you beautiful” (buffet)
  • Ham platter with regional specialties such as noble salami from the Aurochs, Annaberger Coppa, mountain ham …
  • Home-made specialties with minced meat, blood sausage, liver sausage and various marinated pork belly
  • Cheese board with specialties from the Rössler Hof and the Hof cheese dairy Horn, we will serve you fruit mustard and fruit bread
  • Selection from the smoke
    Variation of trout, mackerel, herring and eel
  • Small salad buffet
    Various salads and leaf salads with ham and cheese strips and spicy dressings, sweet and sour pickled vegetables
  • Butter, crackling fat and bread selection
  • Marinated berries with vanilla saucee

Hot part

  • Mushroom soup or goulash soup
  • Hearty smoked pork sauerkraut
    Roast roast with fried potatoes
  • Small roulades with red cabbage and green dumplings
  • Served with buttermilk, hearty and sweet
  • Vegetables from the weekly market
  • Baked potato variation

We would also be happy to prepare you a very personal offer. Make an appointment in our house and we will show you our rooms, the guest rooms and make a personal offer regarding your wishes.

Family Stöckel and the Sauwald team is looking forward to your visit

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