Summer dishes with regional herbs

The grasslands, fields and our little herbgarten are offering a rich variety of lokal herbs, which are ideal for designing a light    summer menu.

Dandelion, daisy-cress, common yarrow, sorrel, fennel-cabbage or
chickweed, the possibilities are endless and delighous. On this years menue:

Grilled goat cheese on apricot and lavender chutney
refined with all kinds of wild herbs from the area 9,90 €


Wiener Schnitzel from the flank of veal
With a potato and cucumber salad refined with chickweed and fennel herb
Served with wild cranberries 17,50 €

Pork cheeks braised
With herb-potato mash and confit cherry tomatoes 16,90 €


Elderflower cream brulee
with Lime prosecco sorbet and mint pesto 7,00 €

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